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Swamp Coolers, a primer on evaporative cooling - Swamp coolers are based on the natural process known as evaporation but crucially, only effectively work in low-humidity areas. So, how do they work? The idea behind swamp coolers is that evaporating water is cooler than the air around it, typically 20 to 40 degrees cooler. Given this fact, swamp coolers work by sucking air from the exterior of your home across pads saturated in water. As the cooled off air enters the home, it sinks, pushing the rising hot air out of the house. And yes, it really works.

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Looking to purchase swamp cooler? Swamp coolers are used, particularly in low humidity environments, to lower the temperature within a house or other building during the summer months. Cheap swamp coolers are efficient and effective machines of cooling, being as they are based on the natural process known as evaporation. That's why swamp coolers are also called evaporative coolers and they can be installed on the roof or can be portable indoors.

Swamp coolers are much cheaper to operate, so they are are an energy-saving alternative to refrigerated air conditioners. They use about one quarter of the electricity that a conventional A/C uses. Swamp coolers are also a useful option when you don't have an air conditioner, are in the middle of heat wave or the utility company is having problems supplying electricity!

Did you know cheap swamp coolers are environmentally friendly because they don't use hazardous freon?

Most cheap swamp coolers are a square box and have three or four panels and are easy to maintainby the average do-it-yourselfer. Evaporative swamp coolers are not only inexpensive but also dont require any venting or outside exhaust to operate.

In areas of the country, such as the southwest, where humidity is not high during the hot months are great. So purchase a swamp cooler because they provide interior humidity, which is better for people, furniture and plants.